A Guest Perspective

What the hell did I just buy…?

Big Jimbo, 2016 

Big Jimbo, 2016 

“I had a pretty good idea of what I was getting myself into, but damn…”

Normally I’m not the kind of person to do crazy things, at least not anymore. My childhood was full of bicycle riding, jumping and falling. So I’m used to the motions, but damn. 

Today I pretty much stick to my computer, building websites, web applications and such. I’m big into web development and design along with marketing and business. My tastes have drastically changed over the years, but damn.

My hobbies are what dragged me down the rabbit hole, if you will, with these ventures. My knowledge and expertise in business found me searching for things to do, objects to create, challenges to overcome. I knew it was going to be tough, but damn.

So I found myself starting a venture, a company of sorts, to sell vintage motorcycle apparel to people in the Atlanta area that was quality above all else while resembling a stylish look that many riders love. Starting a company from the ground up sounded easy, but damn.

We got together and covered the basis on all of the roles to be played; I of course took the technician’s role to build the site and handle the business matters. One partner took to handling the brand and product quality. The other took to marketing and promoting the brand across different platforms. We thought that things were starting to come along, but damn.

So here we are today, each riding our bikes, the sort of embodiment of our personalities. One bike is vintage, cafe, suits the brand and the rider. The next bike is old, powerful, and teeming with potential, similar to the rider. The third bike is sporty, quick to jump the gun and scary as hell once it gets moving. Much like the rider. Now, we’ve all got bikes! Life looked like it was sorting itself out, but damn.

Now we’ve got oil problems, battery problems, cosmetic scratches and cracks on panels. Issues that seem endless in the world of Moto. No one told us it was going to be easy, but damn.

The one thing that makes everything, and I mean everything worth it, is the feeling of moving. Life’s about moving. We weren’t meant to stay in one spot, neither is your bike. It’s made to move, so let it move you.


- James Allen